Surviving Classical Music

Are Concert Restrictions Coming Back?

July 27, 2021 Andrew Burn & Grace Newcombe Episode 105
Surviving Classical Music
Are Concert Restrictions Coming Back?
Show Notes

Surviving Classical Music is a podcast about the issues facing musicians today. We want to air out those open secrets.  You know, the stuff you talk about at the bar after the show.

*as a correction from our discussion about the situation in Switzerland: 

from the Federal Office of Public Health's website, accessed 27.7.2021


Organisers of events with up to 1,000 participants can now basically decide whether access for people from age 16 will only be permitted for those with a valid COVID certificate. Large-scale events with more than 1,000 people may only be attended by people with a valid COVID certificate. In addition, the organisers of large-scale events must obtain authorisation from the canton. You will find more information on the COVID certificate on the COVID certificate page.

For all events where COVID certificates are not mandatory, special requirements apply to the layout of the premises and the way people are placed, the wearing of masks and the consumption of food and drinks. You’ll find more information on the Precautionary measures page. 


Masks must be worn in publicly accessible indoor spaces, for example in shops, in restaurants and in enclosed areas of public vehicles. Further details can be found on the Masks page. The general rule of thumb applies: Always wear a mask indoors when you are away from home and unable to maintain social distancing of 1.5 metres from other people at all times.  "


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